How does your garden grow?

Abby & Grace

Abby & Grace

You plant a garden. Your flowers don’t grow.

You don’t criticize and yell at your flowers.

You water, fertilize, and nurture them… and your garden grows.

Think about your family, friends, and co-workers.

When you find them not doing what they’re supposed to do, or not doing it in a way you want it done, what do you do? Do you criticize them?

Or do you teach, nurture, and support them?

To Do Today: Don’t criticize others.  Try to understand what they need to be successful and then provide it.

– Friar Telly, II

The trouble with dogs…

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Louis CK was on Conan recently discussing the problem with dogs. “Parenting,” he says, “gets easier. I had a dog once, and that doesn’t get easier. It’s harder having a dog because children develop and dogs just stay dumb.”

He then goes on to tell the following story about his own dog and an unfortunate incident involving dark chocolate and hydrogen peroxide. The story is funny in it’s own right, but his impression of his dog (well, really any dog) is so dead on it’s hysterical.