Telluride to Moab

San Juan Hut Systems is a series of backcountry huts that lead you through spectacular Southwestern terrain and provides skiers, bikers, snowshoers, hikers, trail runners, boaters, horse packers and hunters with an experience of a lifetime.

The 215 mile mountain bike route through Colorado and Utah provide a premium minimalist experience for the do it yourself adventurer.  While most of the route uses Forrest Service access roads, there are single track options available at various locations.

The web site says:

From Telluride, Colorado through the Alpine Peaks of the San Juan’s to Moab’s Canyon Country and Desert Slickrock

This route follows 215-miles of secondary dirt roads from Telluride, CO across the high alpine tundra of the San Juan Mountains to the desert slickrock and canyon country of Moab, Utah. This route is designed for intermediate riders in good physical condition. Alternate-Single Track routes between various huts extend your trip and offer more challenges. San Juan Hut Systems does not allow vehicle support while using the backcountry huts.

Visit Flickr to see a little photo montage:


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