You Coulda Knocked Me Over With a Feather

True, I had been telling Charie for some time that I thought we were having twins, but when the Ultrasound tech actually said, “I have something to show you…”, a slight breeze would have tossed me.

It was quite the scene, really. Char was a minute or two behind me going into the room, so when the tech pointed out “Baby A and Baby B”, her first reaction was to ask if I had put her up to telling us it was twins. I hadn’t.

Since then, I’ve learned some interesting things about multiple births. Turns out that twins run on the woman’s side of the family and, though I’ve been blamed for this turn of events, I actually had very little to do with it. Well, I had about half to do with the kids, but very little to do with the fact that we’re having more than one.

With the increasing use of fertility drugs, women waiting until older ages to have children, multiple births are becoming more common.