Jack Wants "Mmmm"

I was standing in the kitchen this morning coaxing Jack to talk like a pirate.

Jack, say “Arrrr, Matey.” He says “Arrr, Matey.”

Jack, say “Arrrrgggh!” He says, “Arrrrgggghh!”

Jack, say “More, please.” He says, “Mmmm, please.”

He had been eating some peanut butter toast and wanted some more. “Mmmm, please.” This has been going on for some time, and I think is a remnant of the days when he probably couldn’t pronounce his “R’s”. He can now, though, he just chooses not to. “Mmmm.”

I finally gave up and told him to walk the plank. Char came in and he said, “Arrrr, Mom. Walk the plank.”

I was cracking up. Mmmm, please.

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