Girls Getting Fat and Sassy

Abby and Grace, though battling colds, are doing great as they head toward 4mths. Both have more than doubled their birth weights: Abby is now ten pounds and Grace is near twelve. They have really started showing off their personalities by smiling, cooing, and complaining (loudly) when it’s time for bed.

This photo shows Jack in a popular spot: holding Abby.

Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Terri's Law

The decision of the Supreme Court stated “our hearts can fully comprehend the grief so fully demonstrated by Theresa’s family members on this record”, and then went on to vote unanimously to strike down the law that allowed her feeding tube to be reinserted after her husband had it removed last year. Seems to me that their hearts couldn’t comprehend the grief at all.

Terri Schiavo, 40, suffered severe brain damage in 1990 when her heart stopped due to an eating problem. Although she can breathe on her own, she needs a feeding tube to survive. Her husband argues that she would not have wished to be kept alive in this way and wants the tube to be removed and that she be allowed to die.

Her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, rejected the proposal and alleged that their daughter might recover her faculties.

Here’s what’s odd to me… If her husband wants to be rid of her so badly, why not just remove himself as her guardian? He had plans to remarry, yet he wants control of this situation.

A bioethesist who has represented the Catholic Church offered this point of view:

“Might it not be the case, in fact, that some would prefer to see her dead?” he asked.

“King Solomon knew who the real mother of the child was when he saw that one of the women accepted his being cut in half, while the mother cried out that she preferred that he be given alive to the other woman,” Father Miranda added.

“Terri’s husband pursues obsessively his wife’s death (alleging, naturally, that he does so out of compassion for her). Terry’s parents are fighting to save her life. If only our judges would learn something of the wisdom of Solomon,” he concluded.