2004 Fookarwie Completed; New Chief Named

It is with some degree of sadness that I report the 2004 Fookarwie has officially come to an end, with Wandering Hairy Turkey declared Chief.

The event was the same successful outing as normal, though I have to say that it seemed a little less raucous than normal. (This could be related to any number of causes… we’re all getting older, some of us are drinking less, and some of us were preoccuppied with other issues. It could also be due to the absence of Duke, Duke Goose. It’s hard to say.)

Driving Three Iron became the first-ever Fookin’ Hold ‘Em Champion, due to his amazingly inexpressive poker face. To be truly honest, he hardly ever had cards worth a damn, but he did have ’em when he needed ’em. Well done.

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