Pole Dancing for 12-Year-Olds?

In the interest of full disclosure: Yes, I’m getting old. Yes, I’m getting more conservative. But seriously, shouldn’t all of us have a problem with this?

“Pole dancing classes for British children cancelled after uproar”

LONDON – A plan to teach British children the risque art of pole dancing, usually the preserve of strip bars, has been cancelled after an uproar from child welfare groups, the teacher said. Dance teacher Sarah Davis announced pole dancing classes for children over 12 at her studio in Birmingham, arguing it was a demanding activity which would improve fitness.

The routine — at least, the version seen in late-night joints — usually involves a scantily-clad female draping her limbs around a pole in a sequence of highly suggestive poses.

But the children’s charity Childline, which campaigns on behalf of abused and at-risk youngsters, condemned the lessons. “At the least this is misguided, at worst it’s an outrage,” said its chief executive Carole Easton. “There are hundreds and thousands of other, much more appropriate ways in which children can keep fit, enjoy sport and dance.”

Davis said that because of the outcry, she had decided to restrict classes to adults only.


  1. I actually wonder why you called this particular
    blog post, “Pole Dancing for 12-Year-Olds?
    | The Cotas”. In any event I enjoyed the article!
    Thanks a lot-June

  2. Hi June, I chose that title because the article referenced is about a gym teacher that wants to bring this form of exercise into schools. Seems slightly inappropriate to me…

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