Support The Troops: Help Them Call Home

Here’s a great opportunity to say “Thanks” to the men and women fighting for our country. The Glenn Beck radio program is selling AT&T calling cards at a reduced rate to help the servicemen & women stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan call home. The cards cost $15 each, provide 33 minutes of talk time, and half of the money will go to the USO. Call 877-522-7000 to order a card and it will be shipped directly to a soldier in the Middle East.

He said something on the show this morning that was directly to the point. “Can you imagine,” he asked, “if you were stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan for a year… can you imagine how fast 33 minutes on the phone with your wife and kids would go?”

It normally costs the troops almost two dollars a minute to call home. With this special reduced rate, they get 33 minutes, AT&T gets about seven bucks, and the rest goes to the USO.

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