Weigh In: Parent-hosted Drinking Parties

There has been some buzz recently about laws being passed that allow parents to be charged with a crime for hosting drinking parties for their underage teens. Though my kids are a long way off from this, I’m curious to know what the prevailing thoughts are out there…

Here are the arguments for and against:


  1. They’re going to drink anyway, I feel it’s more responsible to provide an environment for them to do it where I can control it.
  2. Studies have shown that 75% of teens have at least tried alcohol.
  3. Proponents of this approach say that the issue is about safety and responsibility.


  1. Studies have also shown that kids who have parents with a strong anti-drinking message still try alcohol at a rate of 33%. But kids of parents with a lax drinking message do so at 89%.
  2. Studies also show that, while 75% of kids have “tried” alcohol, only 50% “drank alcohol in the last 30 days.”
  3. Opponents of home drinking parties wonder, if “they’re going to do it anyway” is the primary reason, why you would stop at providing alcohol? Why not provide condoms and IUD’s for sex parties? Why not provide cigarettes or marijuana?

So… what do you think?

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