Crybaby Cookies

I love this time of year, mainly because it’s about the only time I can convince someone to make Crybaby Cookies. Char made some yesterday and I think they may be the best Crybaby Cookies I’ve ever had (well, in the interest of keeping everyone happy, let’s just say they’re as good as Mom used to make…)

So I go home last night and Lily was excited to show me all the cookies. I said, “Oh, I love Crybaby Cookies!”

Lily asked, “Why are they called ‘Crybaby’?”

And I answered (of course), “Because they’re so good they make you cry.”

She adopted that look that tells me she knows when I’m pulling her leg, cocked her head sideways and said, “Huh uh, Dad! I ate one and I didn’t cry!”

Kids today… can’t tell ’em anything.

I don’t have the recipe for Crybaby Cookies handy, but I did find one online that uses one cup of strong black coffee. I may have found a new favorite…