If You Have to Ask, It's Probably Real

Last week in Tampa, Florida, a couple of police officers were walking in a neighborhood trying to track down a couple of stray dogs. While they were searching, they were approached by a man named Phillip Williams with a problem. The exchange went something like this:

WILLIAMS: Excuse me, officer, can you help me?
OFFICER EASLEY: We’re a little busy right now, can this wait?
W: I don’t think so… I just got ripped off and I need help.
E: You got ripped off?
E: Yeah, man. I got ripped off! I just bought this crack and pipe from some guys in that yellow house over there, and I don’t think it’s real. They ripped me off, man!
E: Well, uh… I suppose we could test it for you. Would you like us to test it?
W: Yeah, man… I’m ticked! I’m sure I got ripped off!

Williams, much happier after learning his crack was, indeed, the real McCoy, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphenalia. With bail set at $2,500, he may still be in jail. The fate of the stray dogs is unknown.