Frustrated With Marketing? Put Email to Work…

Why Email? Good question; with compelling answers. If you’re like most people running a business, there’s a good chance you’ve been a little frustrated with marketing. You’ve spent time and money on ads here and there, but the results were unpredictable — or worse — questionable. You’re in the phone book because you feel like you have to be, and it seems like the cost goes up year after year. Word of mouth works, but it’s just too slow. Direct mail works, but it’s just too expensive. Radio and TV are difficult to do well and nearly impossible to track for results.

I talked with a CEO recently who was complaining that his radio and television ads produced no measurable results. When he complained to his ad agency, they suggested he spend more money to buy more spots. Is that really the answer, when all you want is some accountability, measurable results, and control? Email gives you all three, with one added benefit: it’s affordable.

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Maybe It Was Too Soon for Star Wars

Tonight, Jack decided that he wanted to read his “Dark Bader stories” before bed. Knowing he didn’t have any Darth Vader stories, I asked him to show me his book. He proudly held up the one pictured at right.

Not exactly sure what to make of this.

As I’m also not sure what to make of the fact that Darth Vader is his favorite Star Wars character. Let’s see… we have multiple characters on the side of “good,” many of which displaying plenty of human foibles to add to their charm. And we have Darth Vader, second only to the Emporer himself as “evil incarnate.” And Jack picks Vader.

Perhaps it was a little too soon, after all.

Heard Around the House

Jack had hives the other day and Lily said, “Dad, Jack has chicken pops.”

We’re in the car, driving home, and Jack says, “Dad, did you know that Jesus has the whole world in his hands?”

Yesterday, playing hide and seek in the house, I jumped out and scared Jack. He said, “Dad, you scared the chickens out of me!”

Sitting at the kitchen table, Abby sneezed. I heard Grace say, from the other room, “Bless you!”