1. You are an AMAZING black and white photographer, it’s hard to work well in grays but you pull it off!

  2. I have a photo like that – I didn’t take it, but it is a picture taken from behind me. I am holding my little girl with her head on my shoulder, the diaper bag is on my back and my little boy is walking beside me holding my hand. To me it epitomizes being a Daddy.Yours is not only a good perspective of your little girl, but is a beautiful photograph.

  3. That is quite the photo, it says so much with such a simplicity. Love it, you should enter it into some photo competitions, I think it would probably due quite well.BrandenNubbit.com

  4. Lindsay R Casey July 16, 2006 at 4:12 am

    it’s a lovely photograph, really beautiful. i think the post above me is right, it would probably do very well in a photo contest.

  5. And remember that’s the one I want a copy of…along with the others I told you about. There’s one of each of your children I think is spectacular, but as you know, this one of Gracie is my all-time favorite.Love, Aunt Di

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