Send a Thank You to the Troops

This is a great idea. One of my old Navy buddies (and in this case, “old” means old, not just “from some time ago”) sent me this link this morning. It’s a great idea that everyone should do, regardless of your political affiliation. The site is called “Let’s Say Thanks” and is sponsored by Xerox. It’s simple and free: pick a card from the designs created by kids across the country, select a pre-formatted note (or write your own), and Xerox will print the card and send it to a member of the Armed Services.

I think my favorite might be the one created by Ivan, age 8, from Austin, Texas. It has a picture of a Corvette and says “Be Strong, Be Fast. Like an American muscle car.”

If you have a particularly gifted artist running around, you can also submit a design that they can use.

What are you waiting for? Do it right now and then tell your friends.

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