Get Amber Alerts on Your Wireless Phone

Yes, I realize that child abductions are actually fairly rare, but I can still think of few things that would be more difficult for parents. Statistics also show that the first few hours of an abduction are critical… if the child can be found quickly, the odds of a happy ending are greatly improved.

So when I heard about this program, I thought it made perfect sense to me. The Wireless Amber Alerts use the power of a distributed network (cell phone carriers) to send information out to potentially millions of deputies/eye witnesses/good samaritans informing them of the details of the Amber alert.

It’s simple to join the network. Just visit the Wireless Amber Alerts web site and enter your cell number. Then, whenever there’s an Amber alert, you’ll then receive a free text message with the details.


  1. As a parent, I understand how important this is. Thank you.

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