Lenten Resolutions

While riding in the car today with Lily (6)and Jack (4), we got to talking about Lenten resolutions. I asked Lily what her plans were.

“I’m giving up pouting,” she answered. “I’m also going to make my bed every day. And I’m going to pray at night and in the morning.”

“That’s good,” I responded. “How about you, Jack?”

“Can I think?” he asked. This is his standard phrase when he means to say “I’m thinking…”

After a minute or so he said, “Dad, I’m going to give up opening umbrellas in the house.” Lily began to reprimand him about that, telling him he’s supposed to give up something he does a little more often than once.

“I agree with Lily, Jack. Maybe you should give up something else, too,” I said. “Can you give up pouting?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Can you give up arguing with your sisters?”

“No,” he said, with a slight air of honesty and certainty.

I guess I’ll be satisfied with the umbrella thing.


  1. Haha, great story Jim. My resolution is to stop making resolutions as I never keep them anyway. 😉

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