Have I entered a parallel universe?

For the life of me, I can’t understand what’s happening in American politics. Who is advising these people? Yesterday I was dumbfounded that Mike Gravel released two “campaign” videos that were metaphors for… something. The first was three minutes of Gravel staring into the camera before he walked over and lobbed a stone into a pond and walked away. The second was nearly seven minutes of a small, smoldering camp fire.

Today we find out that Hillary has finally selected her campaign theme song (after a dramatic, breathless internet vote!). The winner? Celine Dion’s “You and I.” Maybe they’ll elect her Prime Minister of Canada, instead. (One can only hope.)

So I guess the next item was an attempt to re-connect with America. And what is America talking about? No, not the war. No, not illegal immigration. No, not taxes or Congress or terrorism. Give up? The Sopranos. That’s right… Hillary and Bill have created their own spoof of the Soprano’s season finale.

I suppose it can only get worse. At the Caucus blog at www.nytimes.com, Kate Phillps quickly judged that it “by far, represents the best campaign spot we’ve seen this season.”

Geesh. Cut to black, already.

[See the Hillary Soprano Spoof (Or not; you’re not missing anything.)]