When I grow up, I want to be…

Lily turns seven tomorrow. On the way to school recently we were discussing what she and Jack want to be when they grow up. Not surprisingly, Jack wants to be a spy, like his Dad. Lily, on the other hand, had a different idea.

“I want to be a Vet, Dad. Like Megan’s Mom,” she said.

“That’s a good idea,” I responded. “You’re really going to have to study and get good grades for that.” Thinking about her bossy side, I added, “You know what you should be, Lil? A dictator.”

She got a funny look on her face and asked what a dictator was.

“That’s someone who runs country and tells everyone what to do,” I answered.

She got a far away look on her face for a moment, smiled, and then said, “I could be good at that.”

Warning: I'm About to Toot the Rare Bird Horn

We’ve had some good news this week. The Web Marketing Association has announced the winners of its annual WebAwards and Rare Bird was recognized for four sites, including winning top honors in the shopping category.

From the Association: “With thousands of entries from more than 40 countries, the WebAwards set the standard of excellence for successful web site development.”

[See our award winners]

Absolutely Perfect…

Sometimes I see something that is such a picture-perfect fit to describe life with kids that, after a brief pang of jealousy (“I wish I’d written that!”) I realize it’s just simply much too good not to share.

[Update: Creative efforts this good need to be properly recognized and I’m happy to report I can help: I’ve located the original author. His name is David Crawford, and he’s also created a better video version that you can access from there. I highly recommend that you stop by, buy the song, and send your best wishes to David.]

It's Picture Day

On the way to school this morning, I was advising Lily and Jack to put on normal smiles for their pictures, instead of trying to make themselves look like they’d stuck an umbrella into their mouths and opened it.

“I’ll tell you what,” says I. “When they tell you to smile, just think of one of your favorite things.”

“I’m thinking of my favorite thing right now,” Lily said, with a perfectly angelic smile crossing her face. “I’m thinking about puppies.”

“That’s perfect!” I responded, and then asked Jack, “What favorite thing are you going to think about?”

He thought for a moment, and then put on a smile that matched Lily’s in both style and context.

“Aliens,” he said.

Sometimes "Best in the World" Means Just That

Voyage, Holiday World’s mammoth wooden roller coaster, has just earned praise from Amusement Today magazine as “Best Wooden Coaster on The Planet.” After so much exposure to all the bunk about other claims (“Best [fill in any seemingly unimpressive item here] in The World!!”), it’s truly refreshing when something gets recognized for actually having achieved the designation.

Of course, we could debate on the authority of the organization bestowing such award, but for this category, for this particular award, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Holiday World won four Golden Ticket Awards, which are considered the Academy Awards for the amusement park industry. Aside from Voyage, Holiday World was recognized as the Friendliest Park, Cleanest Park, and for having the Best New Water Slide.

[See video of Voyage’s wild ride]