"Do you know what that sound is, Daddy?"

This probably won’t translate very well into this arena, but I had to try. Here’s the scene:

I’m sitting at the kitchen table last night about 10:30p. Abby was having trouble sleeping after taking a late afternoon nap. So she’s lying in bed, humming a recognizable tune:

“Dun dun du-dun, dun du-dun, dun du-dun…”

“Abby,” says I, “go to sleep, honey.”

“Did you hear that sound?” she asks.

“Yes, honey, I heard it. Now go to sleep.”

“Do you know what that sound is, Daddy? That’s the sound Darth Vader makes! Dun dun du-dun, dun du-dun, dun du-dun…”

I laughed for four minutes.


  1. That is GREAT!!! Gotta love it when the Star Wars songs rub off on the little ones. LOL Nice to meet ya by the way!

  2. As an addendum, I stumbled on this video on Smaller Indiana this morning…Star Wars according to a three-year-old

  3. Great addendum. That was GREAT!!

  4. What’s sad is that I recognized the rhythm and thus the tune just by your spelling it out.

  5. You have to love the things kids say at bedtime…some of my favorite moments, to be sure. Thanks for sharing.

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