Doing something for your kids, every day

I was working on my Indianapolis Business Journal article this morning and noticed a post on the Wired Magazine GeekDad blog. The post was called “Cool Little Parenting Rituals” and referenced two Dads who were doing a little extra something for their kids on pretty much a daily basis. Both of the Dads he featured are artists who spend a little of their spare time each day creating lunch bags for their kids. Lunch Bag Art simply says “A new bag each day for my kids. I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break.” Judging by the detail on some of these, I’m guessing he has some extended lunches; they are very, very cool.

Another also dresses up the lunch bag every day: After seeing the robots his son had drawn on their chalkboard, Justin decided to rip them off [his emphasis, not mine] try drawing some them on the lunchbags. He says he creates “Lunchbots” as a fun way to express his love for friends and family, and that alone makes it worth doing. They’re seriously cool, and I imagine seriously fun at school.
So, all of this got me wondering… what can I do?