Good Design Makes Understanding Complex Data Simple

In the world we now live in, there’s no shortage of information. The problem is making sense of all the information we have. Everywhere you turn, you face datasets, ranging from simply complex to seriously complex. And the problem isn’t just the amount of information, it’s the kind as well.

Consider for a moment the complexity of things like worldwide military spending, media buzz, or what we might learn about human behavior from Facebook status updates… Is it possible to better understand this data by transforming it into simple, beautiful diagrams? David McCandless thinks so, and he believes that it allows him to tease out unseen patterns and connections.

Spend a few minutes watching this video and I think you’ll agree. Fascinating stuff…

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Lily Donates to Locks of Love

Lily donates to Locks of LoveOver the past couple of years, several close friends have been diagnosed with some form of cancer, including a young friend of Lily’s. All of us feel a little helpless at times like this, naturally feeling that there’s little we can do outside of delivering some meals, helping care for little ones, and praying.

It’s also natural that kids would feel just as helpless, so you can imagine the excitement that Lily felt when she found out about Locks of Love from one of her friends. Locks of Love is a non-profit group that takes in donations of hair in lengths of ten inches or more and handcrafts hairpieces for children suffering from long term or permanent hair loss. The way they make these is pretty cool, in that they don’t require glue or tape to stay on, but instead create a vacuum seal against the scalp that only the child can break. This eliminates the worry about other kids pulling them off or losing them during sports.

So late last year, Lily decided that she was going to grow her hair long enough to donate. On Tuesday, having realized that it was finally long enough, Char packed everyone up and headed down to Bambu for the cut.

It’s been an interesting journey, one which has captivated Lily at every step of the way: She was thrilled to be growing her hair, thrilled that it was long enough to cut, thrilled to be able to make the donation, and thrilled with her new do.

This brief video captures the event:

Lily Donates to Locks of Love from Jim Cota on Vimeo.