Just when you think they're not listening…

I came home the other night from a ride during which I’d taken a fairly nasty tumble off my bike. I walked in the door covered in dirt and sweat and bleeding from several places. (I’m pretty sure I looked better that I felt.)

Jack looked at me and said, “Dad, what happened to you?”

I quickly recapped the story in all the dramatic fashion I could muster. He looked at me thoughtfully and then said, “Well, at least you got right back up on the horse, right Dad?”

What I was thinking was that I was a few miles from home, in the middle of the woods with darkness falling all around me and no one else on the trail. I didn’t have much choice but to get back on the horse.

Instead, I said, “That’s right, Jack. You gotta get right back on the horse.”

So when we think they’re not listening, they probably are. More importantly, however, they’re watching.

Why I Ride

I don’t get out often enough, but every time I climb on my bike, my mind is cleared and my soul refreshed. The best thing is, you don’t have to go far to find a decent trail. Within a couple miles from my house, I can access a trail right here in Marion county that never fails to deliver. The normal access is up on 96th Street near Hazel Dell Parkway. The trail extends south from there along the river, crosses under I-465 and continues on a long(ish) winding loop through a field of wild flowers and along the banks of both the White River and a small tributary.

I access the trail on the south end by crossing over River Road, winding back on an old access road and carrying my bike across a log that has fallen over the creek. The round trip from my house, through the trail and back is about 16 miles. I can’t imagine ever wanting to ride among the exhaust and cars of the street when there are winding trails through the woods available…