File Under: Who Cares?

adidas Golf 360-Hole PlayoffI received an email today from Adidas Golf telling me about the exciting plans for “THE WORLD’S FIRST 360 HOLE PLAYOFF” featuring two guys I’ve never heard of playing golf for 50 days across nine continents with the ultimate prize hanging in the balance: a job at Adidas Golf.

My first thought: “Who cares?” And even though they were imploring me to follow it online, the more I considered it, the less I felt the whole thing was relevant to me or anyone I know.

Then I noticed that “throughout the entire challenge” (ed. note: playing golf for a month and a half is a ‘challenge’? It sounds like a vacation. But I digress…) Anyway, “throughout the entire challenge, the athletes will put adidas Golf apparel and footwear in play, testing our industry-leading performance technologies in a range of conditions…” On second thought, aside from their mothers, who could possibly care?

Just in case the hook isn’t set yet, you should know that the “two golfers will also compete in a series of competitions off the course.” I’m guessing beer pong. Maybe foosball.

I would be amazed– utterly amazed– if they get enough people following this ‘event’ to call it a success. Can’t wait to hear the results.


For the first time in nine years, Team USA has recovered the Ryder Cup. Jack and I spent our Sunday on the grounds of Valhalla, walking amongst the crowds and 24 of the best golfers in the world.

We were there as Anthony Kim produced the spark that propelled his teammates forward as his relentless play bested Sergio Garcia. We were there when team captain Paul Azinger skidded his cart to a halt in the 13th fairway to pump up the crowds. We were there as the crowds welcomed homegrown favorites Kenny Perry and JB Holmes at every step and we were there shouting “Boooo!” as Weekly made one great shot after another, including a towering drive on 17th that he turned away from as he tried to expend the adrenaline flowing through him. We were there when Hunter Mahan made a 50-foot birdie putt to win the 17th and the crowd roared and roared and roared…

We were there to watch Furyk and Jimenez tee off on the first and we were standing in the 17th fairway as they hit their approach shots into the 17th green, securing the final point to win the trophy.

It’s my turn now, but I hope in years to come Jack will look back on this day and say, “We were there.”