"If you're a trust-fund baby, why get a job?"

Ah, one of the great pondered questions. Goes hand-in-hand with, “Who the hell are all these people?” Many are the day we’ve been on the way to lunch or a meeting and encountered the huddled masses at cafes, parks, malls… nearly any spot worth loitering. Who are these people, indeed? And how do they pay the bills? And how can I become one of them?

Writer Chris Colin recently pondered similar questions, except he actually walked up and asked. Turns out there was a pretty decent article hiding in their answers.

[Read “The mystery of the daytime idle: Why aren’t you working?”]

This makes me think of all the people doing the same thing, except they’re doing it online instead of a park. If you’re a daytime idle and doing it from the comfort of a couch or chair somewhere, post a comment and let me know how you’re managing it.