Experts Agree: Birthday Tea Resounding Success

The votes have been counted and the verdict is in: Lily’s birthday tea won high marks for fun. Five friends stopped by today to help Lily celebrate her fourth birthday. Attending were Lucy, Maggie, Megan, Emma, Charmaine, and Lily. Along to help were Maddie, Amanda, Moms and Grandma Field. Jack and I headed for the hills as soon as possible.

Each setting came complete with teacup, boa, flowered bonnet, and lacy gloves. After having tea (lemonade) and crumpets (cupcakes), the girls whipped out a box full of dress-up clothes and et about looking like princesses. (It was here that Jack and I left for Toys R Us.) While we were out, they played party bingo, ate a few more cupcakes, played outside, opened (and played with) gifts, painted their fingernails pink and purple, and had a few more cupcakes.

Great fun was had by everyone, and I believe they set a date for next week to do it all again. You can see a few photos here.

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