For Those of You Keeping Score at Home

Turns out that doctors in Vienna have confirmed that Yushchenko was poisoned. They found “high concentrations of dioxon — most likely orally administered.” His facial disfigurement is likely permanent, but he’s still alive.

Incumbent: 0

Yushchenko: 1

Apparently, this hasn’t been the only attempt to kill the upstart challenger. The night before the election, police found a car parked outside his headquarters loaded with two kilograms of special plastic explosives, along with a remote-control detonator. Two Russians were later arrested.

Incumbent: 0

Yushchenko: 2

Now we’ll just have to wait and see what the results of the new election will be. It’s scheduled for a “do-over” on December 26.


  1. That’s pretty freaky. He is a daring soul to keep at it. Good for him, really. May the country elect the best man.

  2. I knew of the dioxin poisoning but hadn’t heard about the explosives. I wonder who would want him out of the way so badly? hmmmmmm

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