"Well, there's this paralyzed prison inmate who can shoot the three…"

Anyone who’s a fan of movies (and especially those of us who are amazed at some of the trash that actually gets made) will get a kick out of Query Letters. This blog is written by a Hollywood insider who receives actual query letters, or pitches for movies. Some highlights:

  • A treasure hunter (Matt) joins a gay deprogramming camp (on land that once belonged to his family). While searching for the treasure, he must contend with other students, one of whom is an undercover reporter. When the reporter turns up dead, Matt becomes the chief suspect.
  • Dream recording software opens the unconscious mind to exploration in this thriller about a genius who outsmarts himself while trying to solve the mystery of his wife’s murder.
  • 1968. Vietnam. Navy SEAL Gabriel Hemloche leads his team deep into enemy territory. Gabriel and his unit are torn apart….by vampires. Bitten, Gabriel starts to change.

You get the idea. For more, be sure to see Query Letters, and be (slightly) thankful that at least some of these ideas are actually turned down.


  1. Query Letters makes you realize that for every one crappy movie made, there were a hundred worse ones that didn’t make it past the screenplay phase. I love that blog.

  2. Sad thing is though as bad as those suggestions are there are worse ideas that actually became movies.

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