Twenty Minutes in the Microwave

Char and I have been laughing a bit lately at her new Mother moments… It seems that sleep deprivation– coupled with high-octane days– produces a slightly odd side effect: the inability to perform the simplest tasks. Our most common reference for this is reminiscent of the day that she was warming a chicken nugget (or possibly two) in the microwave… for twenty minutes. We call these moments “20 minutes in the microwave.”

Yesterday she decided to wrap a couple of Christmas presents, two of which are identical and are shaped in the rough equivalent of a roll of wrapping paper. After she had wrapped the first one, she then proceeded to wrap the roll of wrapping paper. (Did you follow that?) So, when she finished she had:

– One wrapped present

– One unwrapped present

One wrapped roll of wrapping paper

She gave up wrapping presents for the day.


  1. I can so relate! I used to walk into walls when mine were sleepless babies.Catt

  2. Oh my. Most definitely time to stop.

  3. Interesting comment, Rebecca. I’m trying to decide if you mean stop wrapping or stop having kids… I suppose either would be appropriate! 🙂

  4. Oh yes…when having kids turns your brain to Jello, it’s time to find a different hobby. (not hubby…hobby)

  5. That’s too funny. I personally wrap presents and if they’re similar in size, I will have to unwrap them and remember which one is for which person. I made the mistake one year of giving a present to a wrong person (oops).

  6. Whoever gets the wrapped up wrapping paper is in for a surprise!

  7. My mom once put a bag of popcorn in the microwave for 30:00 instead of 3:00. About nine minutes in, we realized that the microwave had been going for an awfully long time, something smelled like burning and the popcorn bag was on fire.

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