Questions of a Two-Year-Old, Part 3

The father of my brother-in-law died a few days ago after a prolonged battle with illness. Yesterday we went to visitation and today we’ll be attending his funeral. Here’s the conversation that took place in the car yesterday as we were leaving the funeral home:

Lily: “I didn’t get to say goodbye to Karen!”
Me: “That’s okay, honey. You’ll get to see her tomorrow at the funeral.”
Lily: “What’s a funeral?”
Me: “Well, Dave’s dad died and his funeral is tomorrow. It’s a chance for everyone to say goodbye.”
Lily: “Dave’s dad died?”
Jack: “How did he die? Did snakes get him?”


  1. I cannot wait until Matthew is old enough to have conversations. While girls say the most wonderful (and funny) things, there’s something about the way a little boys’ mind works that is simply entertaining.

  2. love the innocence of children 🙂

  3. Have you noticed that at a certain age they are preoccupied with very weird gruesome deaths? My kid says he’s a dinosaur and is always talking about punishing bad guys by eating them. (*)>

  4. You should here some of the things that the children my mum childminds day. Some of them are hilarious. I have this image of Jack and his eyes lighting up when he asks if snakes got him.

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