Carolina Breezes…

From my Dad:
This evening, the wind blows in across the Neuse River and lights on the front windows of our home. It is unlike the southerlies that come in summer or the harsh wind from the north that chills us in winter. It is more of a welcoming to spring or the coming summer that we have waited for seemingly forever. Warmth! It promises warmth! As soon as it has passed, our lives will turn to the south in anticipation of the life enhancing rays of warmth.

If we could look forward to anything with greater eagerness, what might it be? Perhaps the shining faces of our grandchildren’s next visit? Maybe the pleasure of a fine golf course with mature grass and manicured greens? Hauntingly, the soft touch of our lover’s hand at bedtime? Such thoughts are these!

What do we want? What do we need? We have all that we could wish for in a lifetime. Sometimes, we think of what might come after we pass from this earth because we find it difficult to imagine that anything could be finer than what we have had here. Could it be? And will we know it?

So many questions. So few answers! But how happy we are that we can experience what is here and now. All of life is not so cheerful, but when we contemplate all that we have done, we feel that we have had the best of it all. If there is more beyond this, then we hope that we will have prepared ourselves for the better part of it.

But for now, we will wait for the southerlies.


  1. Wow Jim!! I finally got my name AND password right so I could post. Dad did a stunningly beautiful job of that, didn’t he? Next thing you know, he’ll be hugging Grandad.

  2. The Complimenting Commenter May 7, 2005 at 6:52 am

    That is a great story. Very moving and uplifting. I hope that I have moments like that later in life. Or even now. Nice post.

  3. Mr Reasonable May 8, 2005 at 9:10 am

    Nicely put. The big difference down here (NZ) is that it is the Southerly wind that brings the ice and the Northerly is our blessing. The sun is the same and brings this place to life also.

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