Let's make this perfectly clear…

Jack is sitting on the couch with “Madagascar” just about to start. As you can imagine, this isn’t a great time to vie for the attention of a three-year-old. But Diane sees an opportunity when the opening credits are rolling, so she sits down and says, “How you doin’, Jack?”

“Good,” he says, just giving his head the slightest move in her direction.

Credits still rolling, Diane figures she’s still got a few minutes…

“Hey! How was Florida?” she asks, thinking this might get him to open up.

He turns his head toward her and says in the flattest intonation possible (which she swears was intended to send a very distinct message):

“It’s all good.”


  1. I can’t wait until my daughter can be that witty…

  2. Funny? To me it was a little more stinging than THAT.Good job capturing the moment Jim!

  3. Too funny! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your love for your family is apparent and very refreshing.

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