May You Live More Abundantly…

Kate Nowak created a small experiment to see if, by using the broad-based reach of the Internet, she could pass on one million blessings in 100 days. She created a small movie designed to be a meditative experience for the viewer.

Kate says, “It has been said that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Every time you remind yourself that you are, indeed, blessed — even in those times when you do not see or feel the blessings — you are figuratively lighting a candle in your world.” View the movie, light a candle in your own world, and forward the link to someone else who needs it…

[View “May You Be Blessed” Movie]


  1. Wow! Very beautiful and very powerful. Thanks for sharing that!!!

  2. As I was sitting down with the twins at Panera today for breakfast, an older woman was sitting at the opposite end of our row of tables. She said, “Oh those baby days seem so long ago with my four children, I don’t know how I did it! ” I said “I do, because I have four children too.” So we were talking about family and I asked what all of her children were doing now. She said she only has three now. I wish I hadn’t asked. Her youngest drowned when she was 5. I thought, oh dear. Feeling so sad for her and thinking about having a five year old myself and how devastating it would be to lose a child. I counted my blessings, sipped my coffee and fed bagels and fruit to the twins. This life is good I thought, please keep my family safe from harm.

  3. Just amazing, and AHHHHH of the words. Keep up the good work.God Bless You

  4. Where is Kate?? Is she okay?I miss the May you be blessed web site.I pray she is okay!

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