My New Quiz

A couple of times now, a “quiz” has crossed my desk purportedly seeking to “learn more about people you know” and it contains things like “favorite ice cream” and “last person you talked on the phone with” and “shoe size.” Sheesh.

As you can imagine, I complained (a lot) about the quiz because I didn’t feel that these inane questions really offered any sort of insight at all. When I complained to my sisters, they said, “So smartass, make your own damn quiz!” So I have.

Feel free to copy, paste, and email to your heart’s content. And here’s to hoping you learn something new about someone…

[See the quiz]


  1. I’m guilty of taking every one of those damn things I come across. I don’t post them all on my blog, though , because you’re right, a lot of them are inane and stupid.Word.

  2. On behalf of some of your sisters, I’ve been asked to clarify one thing. Yes, we did encourage you to create this stunningly interesting list, but at no time was profanity involved.Unless it was you cussing us because we failed to contribute. We’re just sayin’…..

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