Overheard in Holland, Michigan

This is, in no way, a reflection on Holland, Michigan, a place I enjoyed immensely. As a matter of fact, I’m fairly certain the folks having this conversation were from out of town. Probably somewhere in Indiana…

Girl One: Name a movie star whose first name is ‘Tom’.
Girl Two: Tom and Jerry!

(And, as if that weren’t bad enough):

Girl One: No, you idiot! That’s the ice cream!


  1. LOL… my sister lives in Holland, MI!! Although, on her behalf, she just moved there from MA, but I have to laugh, because it does sound like alot of what she told me about the people that are there.

  2. Jim,I stopped by to check out the blog. I’m not in agreement that a blog needs to be defined in a single direction (ie. business). As you put it, “My family is the primary focus of my life; as I believe God intended.”The thoughts you’ve put on your blog, the incredible photography you’ve shared, and your focus on family and God have given me more insight into you than a business blog or Rarebird.This information wants me to work with you more than any of the other material!That and you were in the USN, of course.Terrific Blog!Doug

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