Five Charity Myths Dispelled

I recently wrote an article for the Indianapolis Business Journal about one of my favorite sites, Charity Navigator. In the most recent issue of their newsletter, they’ve highlighted five myths about charitable giving. They are:

Myth 1: Charity executives are overpaid.
Myth 2: After a natural disaster, charities need old clothes.
Myth 3: You can judge a local charity based on a national name.
Myth 4: Excellent charities spend 100% of their budgets on program services.
Myth 5: A good way to support charity is to participate in a special event or buy a special product.

[Read the article, “Five Charity Myths Dispelled”]
[Visit Charity Navigator]
[Read my review of Charity Navigator at Rare Bird, Inc.]


  1. Regardless of how you slice it, charities are always much more efficient than our government. It’s time that we put less expectations on our government to help out in times of need and put it where people are passionate, capable and efficient – local charities!Great post and article Jim!

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