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Thirteen-year-olds facing jail time and sex offender label
First, the story out of Oregon about two 13-year-old boys who ran down the hallway in school swatting girls on their butts. The were marched to the principal’s office, questioned for a few hours, handcuffed and hauled off to juvenile detention where they spent the next five days. Turns out, if they’re convicted of sexual assault at their August 20 trial, they’ll face additional jail time and be required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. There are far too many bizarre things in this case to repeat, so I just suggest you read this article from The Oregonian.

Patrolman sentenced to five years for defending himself
Chicago Patrolman Mike Mette was off-duty in Dubuque, Iowa, where he attended a party. At this party, he and his younger brother got into an argument with another partygoer. (This other partygoer, by the way, was 20-year-old college student Jake Gothard, who had a blood-alcohol level of .30, which would be nearly four times the legal limit in Indiana.) Gothard begins yelling at Mette, berating him for coming to the party without any women. Mette and his brother and their four friends decide to leave. Gothard follows them outside… well, here’s how the story plays out:

Gothard and his roommate began chasing Mette and the five other men, claiming they had stolen his cell phone, until they all ended up on the front lawn of Marc Mette’s house.

“Mr. Gothard approached me and told me he was going to beat the crap out of me, and he actually hit me with his two fists like this in the chest. Hit me three times. I pushed him away from me. Told him to leave. He comes back at me a fourth time and that’s when, you know, when I hit him. I hit him in the left side of the face,” said Michael Mette.

Moments later, when city police arrived on the scene, Gothard was still on the ground, having been cold cocked by Officer Mette’s right hook. When Mette and the others described what happened, Dubuque Police arrested Mette, charging him with felony assault causing serious injury.

Last week, this police officer was sentenced to five years in prison. If you can stand it, read the ABC News story.


  1. One more: Man arrested after telling two women they were ‘extremely beautiful’:

  2. Simply Bananas August 1, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    this is just too crazy, hitting a guy can get you 5 years?

  3. Here are some significant facts in the police report and trial transcripts: 1. LEO’s testified Michael Mette failed to identify himself as an officer until after the ambulance left and he was arrested. Why? 2. The official police report states “Michael Mette states that Gothard and his roommate approached him and his brother and the two groups started to argue. Gothard began to push Marc Mette, at which time Michael Mette stated he told Gothard to “stop pushing my brother, or I’m going to punch you.” Gothard pushed Marc Mette again and Michael Mette struck Gothard in the face, knocking him unconscious. Michael Mette admitted to striking Gothard and that he had the intent to do so. Mette was placed into custody and transported to the DLEC.” This would not be self-defense in any state. 3. Michael Mette said he started drinking early on Saturday, took a nap, then drank until the bars closed in East Dubuque about 3am Sunday. Arresting officers said he refused to be tested? What was his BAC? 4. Some witnesses said the cell phone was taken from Gothard because he was calling 911 for help removing Michael Mette, Marc Mette and 4 others from his house. True?5. There were only 2 people in the house when Mette arrived. There was no party? Court documents said they refused to leave so Gothard tried to dial 911. The group of 6 took the phone away even though this would have saved everyone including Michael Mette. Interference with Emergency Acts? Testimony said they kicked out the front screen door, broke the phone and threw it into the bushes. Why did they lie to police? 6. Several witnesses testified to seeing Michael Mette kicking Gothard while he lay on the ground. 7. Pictures, Testimony and Medical records documented Gothard’s injuries: a. Multiple hematomas (bleeding sites) on Left, Right and Back of head. b. Broken nose requiring reconstructive surgery. c. Broken cheek bones. d. Many separate/distinct bruises on left and right side of torso including both armpits, both sides of rib cage, both sides of butt, etc… e. Bruises were described by Michael Mette’s own expert medical witness as “classic defensive” injuries. The expert witness changed his story when the County Attorney pointed out he had described the bruises in the pictures submitted in evidence. He then claimed all injuries could have been created by falling on the sidewalk. The Dubuque County attorney pointed out this would be impossible based on the number and location of the injuries such as in both armpits, both sides of rib cage, both sides of butt, etc… f. Broken jaw. 8. Michael Mette’s hand was cut plus his shirt had blood on both front and back. Michael Mette hit him just once? Very odd. 9. Defense counsel did not deny any of these injuries but argued that all injuries were caused by one punch. Unbelievable. This may become known as the “Punch” heard across the nation. It connected with his left and right ear, broken nose, broken jaw, both sides of ribs, under both his arms, both sides of his butt, etc… Unbelievable. 10. Trial transcripts say Gothard was air lifted to University of Iowa Hospitals SICU where he remained in a coma for 4 days and was released after 6 days. Gothard testified he was continuing medical treatment with more surgeries planned. Have we been mislead? These facts are available in public records. Michael Mette may or may not be guilty but should not go to prison. Illinois residents deserve the rest of this story. All facts can be verified with these public documents: Ref: Police report dated Oct 9, 2005 DPD Case #05-45818 Michael A. Mette vs Dubuque County trial transcripts dated Aug 14-16, 2006

  4. Well, Mike Mette is now free and back on the force in Chicago. He may choose to do the same to you and your families. God save all of us!

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