Is This Really Necessary?

A school committee in Portland Maine approved a plan this week to begin distributing birth control to students… in sixth grade. And not only is parental consent or notification not required, it’s actually against the law. In fact, once a parent has signed the waiver to allow their child to be treated by the school nurse (you know, for things like paper cuts, skinned knees, etc.) the schools is then able to dispense birth control pills and patches.

Beautiful. How out of touch can a governmental school system be? This would be a great time to start a Catholic or charter school in Portland Maine.

If you can stand it, read more.


  1. It’s another example of government intrusion into our private lives. Even worse, it’s government intrusion into our parental rights.That we continue to down a social path in the guise of ‘the better good’ is such hypocrisy. It’s honestly quite frightening.

  2. Well, The Netherlands is said to be a free country, but this is unheard of!Unbelievable!!!

  3. Governments are almost explicitly dedicated to destroying traditional morals and relationships. They’re the most important barriers to its power. We’re idiots for letting government run the schools.

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