USS San Francisco in Dry Dock

The Los Angeles Class attack submarine USS San Francisco ran aground approximately 350 miles south of Guam on January 8, 2005. The vessel was traveling at approximately 25 knots at a depth of 500 feet when it hit a previously uncharted seamount. Several sailors were injured in the collision, including one who died two days later from his injuries. The boat is now in dry dock. News emerged this past weekend that the Commander of the boat has been relieved of duty. The photo (right) shows some of the damage sustained.

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I Could Be Going to Starbucks Too Much

Yes, it’s true that when we turn into (or, actually, even pass) a Starbucks, the kids will say, “Are you getting coffee, Daddy?” But I hadn’t fully realized just how common this was. Or maybe it isn’t that common and my kids are just brilliant.

Either way, last night I was giving Lily and Jack a bath and they were pretending to make me coffee. Fill a cup with water, say something like “Here you go, sir”, or “Here’s your coffee, sir.” I’d pretend to drink it; they’d make another. Then Lily said, “I’m going to make your favorite, Dad: a Coffee Alexandra with a little bit of room.”

When I go to Starbucks, I almost always order a Cafe Americano with a little bit of room (so I don’t end up wearing it instead of drinking it.)

Just one more indication to be very, very careful what you say around little ears. They are always listening.