Think You're a Big Tipper?

I suppose it was bound to happen. Couple the power of the Internet with the wrath of a woman (or man) scorned, and you get Bitter Waitress. This site provides the disgruntled waiter in your life with the ability to bitch and moan about you – and if that wasn’t enough – post your name in their appropriately named “Shitty Tipper Database“. Most of the entries regale in tales of famous people treating others badly, but it also includes a hefty amount of normal people acting like asses. Including Raymond Brown of New York who “…never tips more than a dollar regardless of the amount of the bill. Tonight he got in an argument with the bartender and left a quarter on the bar.” The bill was $24.75.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a guy we used to work with who told us at lunch one day, “Yeah, I consider myself a big tipper.” He then went on to leave exactly twenty-five cents for the waiter. Of course, I called him on it, but the trouble with Brent was that I’m not sure he was capable of doing the math. Perchance we need a “Shitty Mathematician Database”?