A Special Place In Hell

There are many people who have a special place just waiting for them in Hell. Here are a few:

Dona and Ivan, the sick, twisted common-law couple who have abused a 6-month old baby almost beyond comprehension. These two need to fry. [Read the story]

The bastards who strapped a bomb on a child with Down Syndrome and blew him up on election day in Iraq. [Read the story]

The brother-sister pair that killed their grandparents and then their mother because she wouldn’t go along with their plan. [Read the story]

The pathetic thugs that abducted and then killed a ten-year-old girl because she saw them making meth near her home in a small Indiana town. [Read the story]

Ah, hell. I could go on, but why? What I’d like to know – and what I’d like you to share with me – are stories of good things happening to people. These can be stories you tell or links, I don’t care. I could just really use some good news…