A Special Place In Hell

There are many people who have a special place just waiting for them in Hell. Here are a few:

Dona and Ivan, the sick, twisted common-law couple who have abused a 6-month old baby almost beyond comprehension. These two need to fry. [Read the story]

The bastards who strapped a bomb on a child with Down Syndrome and blew him up on election day in Iraq. [Read the story]

The brother-sister pair that killed their grandparents and then their mother because she wouldn’t go along with their plan. [Read the story]

The pathetic thugs that abducted and then killed a ten-year-old girl because she saw them making meth near her home in a small Indiana town. [Read the story]

Ah, hell. I could go on, but why? What I’d like to know – and what I’d like you to share with me – are stories of good things happening to people. These can be stories you tell or links, I don’t care. I could just really use some good news…


  1. Hell is a silly, archaic notion that enables vindictive followers of the Abrahamic faiths to make lists of people who “need to fry.” The simple fact of the matter is that a finite crime does not warrant infinite punishment. Furthermore, a benevolent God would not allow any sentient, finite being to spend eternity in torment with no hope of redemption.

  2. Since I don’t believe in some after-life hell the next best thing would be to execute all the above!http://wheresyourbrain.blogspot.com/

  3. Hookflash, interesting point, but possibly a little off the mark. It sounds to me that you believe that Hell, if it existed, would be a punishment doled out disproportionately to the crime. “A finite crime does not warrant an infinite punishment,” you say.For a response, I’ll simply point you to the first story noted above, where the parents of a six-month-old girl broke several of her bones from head to toe, sexually assaulted her, and nearly severed her tongue (no doubt in an attempt to get her to quit crying, probably interfering with their ability to watch American Idol.)In my opinion, no punishment could possibly be too “infinite” for these two, as their crimes – regardless of your religious viewpoint – are too heinous to comprehend. Can you imagine the pain this poor child felt, twenty four hours a day, for months on end, with no relief in sight? She’s in critical condition now and doctors think if she lives she’ll likely be blind and/or paralyzed. Exactly how “finite” is this crime?

  4. I have read enough depressing stuff for one day. As to your request, though, I actually had a customer I haven’t seen in half a year or more come in and we talked. He gave me updates on his nephew, who’s 12 (I think, or younger) and has cancer. There has been a campaign put together, and a website, and my customer told me the things people did were just amazing.After reading your post I got up, searched out the little scrap of paper I’d scratched his name upon but it was only his email address. I’ll get that website for you soon. In the meantime, here’s another:http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/Pages/gnnsamaria.htmlAnd because I found this other particular blog so moving, here is an example of a greater good coming from a horrible bad:http://jenimanuscript.blogspot.com/

  5. Sorry Jim, I did actually scan my standard news sites for uplifting stories – apparently good news doesn’t sell.Having failed at that, I thought I’d leave you with a link that upholds my belief that we, as a people, just don’t get it.http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_britain/story.jsp?story=609562-Mike

  6. It’s tough to find ‘good news’ in the news because the bad stuff is what gets everyone’s attention. My local paper is finally doing a ‘Good Kids Doing Good Things’ every week. What a refresher!I hope you don’t mind (if you do, let me know) but I added you to my blogroll!

  7. Well, Mike, that certainly adds credence to “shop online”. Thanks for the link.And Mysti, thanks for the link to Good News/Good Samaritans. I’ve bookmarked the site and will be checking often for some refreshing news! http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

  8. A1 Success Force February 18, 2005 at 3:22 am

    I agree with your frustration at the seemingly endless flow of bad news. Every Friday on my blog I feature three positive stories in my Good News posting. They can be difficult to find, but the rewards of the exercise are immense. http://a1successforce.blogspot.com/ I am always looking for positive/uplifting stories and appreciate any leads I can get (thanks mysti)

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