Think You're a Big Tipper?

I suppose it was bound to happen. Couple the power of the Internet with the wrath of a woman (or man) scorned, and you get Bitter Waitress. This site provides the disgruntled waiter in your life with the ability to bitch and moan about you – and if that wasn’t enough – post your name in their appropriately named “Shitty Tipper Database“. Most of the entries regale in tales of famous people treating others badly, but it also includes a hefty amount of normal people acting like asses. Including Raymond Brown of New York who “…never tips more than a dollar regardless of the amount of the bill. Tonight he got in an argument with the bartender and left a quarter on the bar.” The bill was $24.75.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a guy we used to work with who told us at lunch one day, “Yeah, I consider myself a big tipper.” He then went on to leave exactly twenty-five cents for the waiter. Of course, I called him on it, but the trouble with Brent was that I’m not sure he was capable of doing the math. Perchance we need a “Shitty Mathematician Database”?


  1. I try to do at least 20%. I always tip bartenders at least 50 cents per drink, minimum $1.00

  2. I certainly don’t miss my waitress days…there are some cruddy people out there…I’ve watched men take back a couple of bills after the date walks away, and you just shake your head and wish you could clue the girl in.

  3. In some countries, they pay the staff enough that tips aren’t even necessary.

  4. My favorite tipper, sticking with arch-types, is the the guy that throws ten singles on the table and starts the conversation with “This is your tip. Every time you mess up I’m taking a dollar off the table.”Never mess with the person serving your clam chowder.

  5. What gets me is those poor slobs that never go “out on the town.” They finally save up enough money to celebrate an aniversary, but forget to save up for a 20% tip. What jerks!!Stay home! Live your pathetic lives in front of the TV where you belong!Never mind that the waitress probably makes more money than you–

  6. Of course a sight like this has to exist, lol. I’ve been a bartender for years so I’ve definately had my variety of good/bad tippers. Right now, I think my regular worst tipper is the guy that leaves me twenty-five exact sense every time he visits, even if he must use pennies to do so.Customers like that you have to look at two ways.Three beers = $6.75 plus you will have another body in the bar for 1-1.5 hours and if he comes back repeatedly it is likely he will eventually bring friends which will of course have more money. the second way is that I am .25 cents richer. Yippee.

  7. I once dated a waiter, which I think permanently impacted the way I tip. I go out to lunch and dinner on my own often and if I get exceptional service or the wait staff has consistenly done a great job over a period of time, I’ve been known to tip up to 50% on a meal under $15.00.

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